Monday, 11 March 2013

My #EDCMOOC artefact (along with Sandra's underneath)

I've been asked about my artefact today but I have taken it offline.  My artefact was a fake twitter account, using one of the tutors as the subject for my deception.  You can interpret this in many ways but for me the big reason for doing this was my discomfort with anonymity, the rise in identity crime, bullying and trolling and the general threat that creating a fake identity poses for the person whose identity has been taken.  In education cyber-bullying and trolling of other children is a constant problem and a cause of much misery.  

To create the account took a matter of minutes, all that was required was an email address under your control for verification and a few bits of personal information. It would be quite straightforward to create an entire digital footprint for this fake identity, it would only take a matter of hours to set up the accounts and build a profile.  A few hours for me, but the misery that it could create would take a lot longer to overcome.

As a record for my artefact I created this Storify.  It is a bit of an ego trip as I also included many of the positive comments I received.  However, the creation of it also helped me to reflect on the criticism I received, which I now consider to be fair comment and is reflected by one of my assessors.

I was also 'lucky' enough to be able to help Sandra Sinfield in the production of her artefact.  'Unfortunately', Sandra's internet connection was broken shortly after she sent me her PowerPoint. I transferred the PPT into SlideRocket, then recorded the presentation using Camtasia.  I added a couple of videos, one from Go-animate and another to demonstrate the steps for creating a stickman.  I think Sandra did a pretty good job ;)

Sandra's artefact

And the Go-animate

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