Monday, 11 March 2013

Further reading recommended by EDCMOOC tutors

On Saturday Martin asked during the Twitterchat about further reading for those who have been on edcmooc...


Some were unaware that Sian Bayne had already posted "A short reading list for continuing #edcmooc" on Feb 28th. All her suggestions are linked to make it easy.

Since then, both Hamish Macleod and Jeremy Knox have responded to the question...

More details can be found on Wikipedia for Rainbow's End and a video of Andy Clark speaking about 'Natural Born Cyborgs' can be found here on Vimeo.

Alien Chic can be found on Amazon.

A quick search reveals a YouTube video in 'Plain English' about Actor-Network Theory, plus Wikipedia has an entry for it. I haven't watched it all yet so please let me know if it is worth keeping. If you prefer to go straight to the book, it's here.

If any more tutors respond then I will add them to this post... or if you have your own suggestions, feel free to add them to comments and I will add those to the blog too :)

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